One inch of rain falling on one acre of ground is equal to roughly 27,000 gallons
of water.

A one-inch rain will collect 600 gallons from a 1,000 square foot roof.

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Concrete is porous!

If you are trying to:
  1. Reduce moisture content
  2. Refinish
  3. Control wall deterioration
  4. Help with resale of your home

We use use HYDRO-SEAL 75 to seal basement walls and floors from the inside. The odorless, solvent free material is ideal to work with in tight areas or while the household is occupied, and the beautiful finish will brighten up any basement.

Hydro Seal 75 Epoxy which is formulated for on site, two-coat spray or roller application. Hydro-Seal 75 forms a positive, high quality, integral protective barrier against mass water penetration. With minimum down time, high pressure resistance, coating strength and longevity are major factors in choosing coating suitability. Hydro-Seal 75 can be specified for use on all types of damp interior or exterior, above or below grade masonry surfaces including concrete, brick, various types of masonry block, mortar, stucco, adobe, cast-stone, or sandstone.

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Contact Mass Basement Waterproofing for all your basement water issues.  We handle it all:  cracked concrete, foundation repair, crack injections, field stone walls, crawl spaces, sump pumps, sub floor drainage systems, dry basements, waterproofing, french drains.  No matter where in Massachusetts you are: Worcester, Leominster, Fitchburg, Orange, Greenfield, Leverett, Amherst, Brookfield, Princeton, Auburn, Millbury, Webster, Holliston, Framingham, Concord, Chelmsford or any of the surrounding areas...

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